Vast numbers of migratory and seabirds flock to the Ramea area with two puffin colonies existing nearby. The puffin (the province’s signature bird) has become Ramea’s mascot. Bald eagles have been sighted nesting on the surrounding islands. Ramea is one of 365 islands – one for every day of the year if you’re extremely adventurous – that dot the coastline. Local residents are very hospitable; known for their willingness to stop and chat. Tempt your taste buds and listen to traditional music at the Rock Island Music Festival. Visit the Ramea Heritage Centre for an overview of the town’s history. But to get a true feeling for the outport, trek the four kilometres of scenic walking trails – to windmills, a 100-year-old lighthouse, or the summit of Man-o-War Hill. Climb the 100 steps to a rewarding and breathtaking view.

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