The Town of Stephenville has the distinction of being both a sea port and an airport. An F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft, permanently grounded next to the town hall, was presented as a memorial to the former Ernest Harmon Air Force Base, located here from 1941 to 1966. The influence of the United States soldiers is still felt today, with the remains of underground ammunition depots, large airstrips, aircraft hangers and streets named after American states. The Harmon Field Day celebrates the history of the base and has attracted famous aircraft, including the F-16 and CF-18A Hornet. Indian Head Range Wilderness Hiking Trail leads to Crash Hill, site of an airplane disaster that claimed 39 lives in 1946. Minutes after takeoff from Harmon Air Field an airline destined for Germany crashed into a mountainside hidden by fog.

If it’s the smell of the sea you’re after, look for the walking trail on Marine Drive or the golf course located near the ocean. Indian Head is perfect for bird watching and Little Port Harmon is picture perfect for photographers.

The Bay St. George region has been called the Festival Coast, and with good reason. Rare is the weekend without a festival in full swing. One of the most popular is the long-running Stephenville Theatre Festival. Featuring everything from off-Broadway to cabaret, musicals to main stage performances, the festival attracts talented actors and patrons from all over.

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