• Snow West

      Snow West January 30 - February 8, 2015

      Crisp air mornings, rugged afternoons and toasty evenings await in Western Newfoundland this winter.

    • Winter things to see and do…

      Winter things to see and do…

      Check out our winter wayfinding map for things to see & do this winter!

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    • L’Anse aux Meadows

      L’Anse aux Meadows Discovery is a fearless pursuit

      500 years before John Cabot or Christopher Columbus stepped foot in the New World, the Vikings built the first European settlement of North America right here. Norse Sagas have spoken about it for centuries.

    • The Tablelands

      The Tablelands It was here that geologists proved the theory of plate tectonics.

      The Tablelands, a mountain of flat-topped rock of a kind usually found only deep in the earth’s mantle, is an awe-inspiring sight.

    • Golf at Humber Valley

      Golf at Humber Valley A haven for outdoor enthusiasts

      Perhaps a round or two at the award winning championship Humber Valley Resort Doug Carrick golf course.

    • Cape Ray Beach

      Cape Ray Beach One of the best beaches in the province

      The beach at Cape Ray is one of the best in the province and forms a barachois, the term used in Atlantic Canada to describe a coastal lagoon separated from the ocean by a sand or shingle bar.

Welcome to Western Newfoundland

An Adventure Awaits

Western Newfoundland is anything but small. It stretches from the gateway ferry port of Channel-Port aux Basques on the Southwest corner of the island of Newfoundland to the Viking site at the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. 700 kilometres of road separates the two ends of Western Newfoundland.

This wild and rugged land boasts abundant breathing room and a unique geological history going back 1.25 billion years, as well as a relatively young human history - a mere 4,500 years old - that is still being uncovered today. With ancient mountains, fjords, and thousands of miles of coastline, the region is more like a small country.

  • Sandbanks Provincial Park
  • Kayak Norris Point
  • Alpaca Farm
  • Rainbow over Humber Valley
  • Western Brook Fjord
  • The Arches
  • Iceberg & Kayak
  • L’Anse aux Meadows
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